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The Drydock - Episode 100

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00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:52 - Why is Imperial Japan often singled out for the mistake of building battleships in the carrier era?

00:07:27 - US/Japan submarine warfare vs UK/Germany submarine warfare

00:11:37 - Amphibious assault sub?

00:15:12 - Quad turrets and their problems

00:21:27 - Did anyone ever equip armed merchant raider with torpedo armed float planes?

00:24:50 - WW1 Germany, blockade runners instead of raiders?

00:30:37 - What is the difference between armed merchant raiders and armed merchant cruisers?

00:34:59 - Why did the British not run Q-ship's in WW2? Did they even have Merchantman based Commerce Raiders?

00:38:19 - Turret farms and Royal Navy trolls

00:43:12 - Camoflage on warships in WW2?

00:49:34 - Why were marine diesels not more common in WW1 and WW2?

00:55:35 - 'In-jokes' in ships names/mottos/numbers etc

00:57:24 - How did WWII deck parks work?

01:00:22 - Channel Admin and 150ksub/1mil view/Episode 100 Giveaway


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