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Is Halotestin the most powerful oral? ASK DR TESTOSTERONE EPISODE 67

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Q and A Legend
1. What if you took an anti-androgen like Bicalutimide right after your last injection, dropping your androgens on purpose, and if it dropped it fast enough like in a week, then the hypothalamus would detect low T and begins producing T, but since it’s been only a week of low androgens, so my guess is that you wouldn't lose much muscle. Can this be the most effective PCT protocol ever? Just wanna know the most effective way to recover faster and keep the gains.
2. In your new book ' Training, Nutrition, Supplementation in Bodybuilding ' which by the way is great, I noticed that your recommended bulking diet has zero carbs for the pre-workout shake and also zero carbs during workout. There are bodybuilding gurus who claim that usage of simple carbohydrates is a must during a workout due to the insulin release which allows all nutrients to be absorbed by the muscle cells. My question is that: insulin secretion during a workout will lower or block the secretion of HGH that naturally is produced during weightlifting? And if yes what is more important according to your opinion for a natural athlete? Is it the high insulin during the workout or high HGH during the workout and post-workout high insulin which will block also the catabolic cortisol?
3. Could you please comment on Milos Sarcev’s statement, quote: "500mg test a week, 30years, no problem".
4. What is the best product to use for study when you want to learn and remember large amounts of information?
5. Can guys on TRT who use HCG substitute the HCG for kisspeptin-10? If so, what would be the dose and can kisspeptin-10 increase serum LH even on TRT? Also, can guys with secondary hypogonadism take Kisspeptin-10 as a standalone on a continuous basis safely? If so, what would be the average dose to get a guy into the high normal testosterone range?
6. What are your thoughts on the 'Golden Era Diet' that is high protein low carb? The guys back in the 70's and 80's built a lot of muscle on this diet, but was that due to the use of steroids alongside this diet? Is it possible to build muscle on a low carb diet without steroids, provided you are getting at least 1g protein per pound?
7. Is it true what some people say about the dramatic and rapid strength gains using Halotestin - much more so than other orals?
8. Should I use Cardarine before workouts during my tren cycle?
9. How do you count half-lives, like if you quit a long cycle of 500test E a week, how long does it take until you have zero test? And related to that; how could coming off for 4-5weeks do anything for the receptors? Shouldn’t it take several months?
12. Is it true that if you take metformin that you won’t grow?
13. Question for both What is your fat intake and what source in off season and on Season? Why add yolk egg yolks in a shredding diet for a contest prep until we know that yolk eggs has no or less influence on blood cholestérol?
14. What's your opinion on bromocriptine for fat loss? It's really true that this drug interacts with leptin? Is it worth it?
15. My friend is 300lbs range and 6.2ft tall. A couple years back he had his thyroid removed and is on 150mg of t4 (thyroxin) A few months ago he started doing TRT at 200mg test cyp a week. But while trying hard with diets and calorie restrictions, he made small weight loss and a big improvement in his mental state and motivation also helping calorie management. Is there a way he can add t3 to help boost the weight loss, or potentially hgh also?
16. I’m currently doing TRT. I’m taking 160 mg a week. Do you think it is necessary to take HCG? I am taking 5 mg of HCG. Do you think I need to be taking it with my dosage or any at all? Also I’m taking 1/2 mg of anastrozole. Do you think I should need to take both the HCG and the anastrozole? Any advice would be great. Also, another question I heard that if I don’t take the HCG over time my testicles will shrink. Is this true?

17. How can I use clenbuterol for one month with ketotifen? The problem is I found only eye drops available (ketotofin) 0.25mg. Can I stack clen with anything else for receptor and how?

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