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CARBS: How many do you need each day?

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How many carbs do YOU need each day? Dietitian Chris talks you through daily carb requirements, national guidelines, a sample carb-counted meal plan, low carb diets, and white vs wholegrain carbs - helping you manage your diabetes and weight.

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★ Video Contents ★
0:00 → How many carbs are right for you?
0:40 → Carb requirements
0:58 → National guidelines on carbs in your diet
1:14 → How many carbs to eat each day
2:10 → Meal Plan: What does 250g carbs look like?
3:07 → Low carb diets
3:27 → Type and quality of carbs (white vs wholegrain)
4:02 → Do you know your daily carb intake?

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